It's Your WORST Nightmare...

You’re on stage speaking live in front of a jam packed audience of important clients, friends, family and/or coworkers...and you’re just not connecting.

They’re staring at you with blank looks of indifference and you can feel every last eyeball invading your personal space - piercing you to your very soul.

It’s uncomfortable.

No, it’s unfathomable.

Wait, it’s even worse than that.

It’s absolutely unbearable.

Then comes the flop sweat.

Where one’s flop is located is anyone’s guess.

But it’s wet, and getting wetter by the word.

Side dishes that come with it include stress, tension and unbridled anxiety.

It often occurs in front of large groups of people, but also happens one on one.

You’re stuck, stumped and stranded on stage without a safety net.

Your audience isn’t enjoying it in the least, and you are liking it even less.

The end result is a total disconnect between you and them, and the only thing you all agree on is you want it to be OVER.

This is why public speaking is consistently on people’s list of top fears.

Who wants to be drowning in the abyss of misery with a sweaty flop?


So is there a solution to this crippling age-old fear that has paralyzed so many?

Is 7 Up?

Are peaches fuzzy?

Does Mickey Mouse have big ears?

In a word, Y-E-S!

And it can be identified with another - HUMOR.

Laughter is the great stress reliever for us all.

Those who learn to master it have POWER.

Laughter is a legitimate lubricant that can smooth 
over rough situations.

What value is humor to speakers in all fields?

It is an invaluable tool and even at times a wonderful weapon to have in anyone’s arsenal, but how do you gain access to the source and know what to do after that?

How can it personally help YOU?

We bring a painfully learned lifetime of hands-on practical experience from careers in stand-up comedy, morning radio and writing humor to you to use as your template for creating your own unique brand of humor based on your personal gifts and abilities.

While it’s never possible to “make you (or anyone else) funny”, we CAN and DO help identify and develop a skill set many don’t even know they have - or do know they are told they are funny by friends and family but have no idea where to go with it.

Being funny is a gift, but developing it into a usable - and more importantly SELLABLE - product is a process.

We have spent decades identifying, learning and polishing that process and you can get a peek at the secrets professionals have spent painful years learning on their own.

Why not consult an expert?

It’s a whole lot easier, and has little to no flop sweat attached.

All it takes to get started is ONE CLICK!

For thirty-five years I have made my primary living being funny. I have done it live on stage and on the air and trust me, it's NOT easy.

The learning process was painful for me, but good for you as it has shown me how to do things correctly if I did it all over again.

That ship has sailed for me, but YOU are able to take advantage of all my painfully learned secrets and techniques to benefit from my lifetime of needless mistakes!

I have helped THOUSANDS of others be funnier in their lives on stage and off, and if you let me I can do the same for you.
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I have made more mistakes in my chosen field than most any dozen others combined.

That in turn has allowed me to become one of THE top mentors to those seeking to be funny for a living or funnier in their speaking career.

I truly love creating and performing, and I have grown to love being a mentor just as much if not more.

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